All facial treatments are done in the European style, including close analysis of the skin, followed by deep pore cleansing, exfoliation of dead cells and impurities, extraction of black heads, white heads and acne, a toning, tightening and stimulating facial massage and a customized mask. 

A facial treatment is not designed to change your features, however a VISS BY VICKY treatment will balance certain skin conditions, increase blood circulation and cell growth, tighten facial features, brighten and even out skin tone and promote the health of your skin.  

Vicky’s technique will leave your skin radiant, smooth and rejuvenated.  


Herbelia Facial

A complex European skin care line infused with highly concentrated ingredients to help prevent and heal acne, slow down and improve the aging process.

75 minutes - $150


Epicuren Facial

The Epicuren Signature enzyme peel and mask followed by a deep European massage. 

90 minutes - $175


Dermaplaning Facial

A medical scalpel will safely exfoliate the skin and remove peach fuzz. Includes fruit enzyme peel or Glycolic acid (depending on the skin type) followed by a deep moisturizing mask.

90 minutes- $185   

*Dermaplaning Treatment Only – 60 minutes - $125


Microdermabrasion Facial 

Available using the newest and most effective technology called *Diamond Tip*

90 minutes - $185

*Microdermabrasion treatment only – 45 minutes - $125

Bi-Peel Facial by Epicuren 

90 minutes - $175

Vitamin C Treatment

Vitamin C treatment utilizes fruit acid and Vitamin C to eliminate dead cells and brighten skin. Benefits include: reducing pigmentation, deep exfoliation, reduced wrinkles and frown lines, hydration that firms and brightens skin. A pure Vitamin C mask ends the treatment revealing a brighter face with a more even completion.

90 minutes -$150


Pre-Teen / Teen Facial

Treat acne, blackheads and white heads, enlarged pores, rebalance oily skin.

60 minutes - $115



24K Gold Mask - $25


Red Light Therapy

A relatively new treatment for skin rejuvenation that very safely and gently delivers precise dosages of energy to the skin to simultaneously repair collagen in the dermis (the deepest layer of the skin) while gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis (top layer of skin). Red light therapy is commonly use by those seeking an effective yet gentle approach to reversing the signs of aging.

15 minute session at the of facial treatment - $35



Jessner’s Peel

This is a chemical peel that is known to deliver great results. A Jessner's peel achieves a more thorough peel than a Glycolic Acid peel.   Besides being an excellent facial treatment, a Jessner's peel can be used to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation and to treat acne, acne-scarred, photo-damaged and aging skin

40 minutes - $225

Series (pre-paid purchase of 3 or more $199 each)



This procedure is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), using multiple needles to vertically pierce the skin. The treatment improves wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks, burn scars, acne scars, and stimulates collagen and elastin.  

45 minutes - $225

Series (pre-paid purchase of 3 or more $199 each)




The "Gentle"man Facial

Men like to to be pampered too! A relaxing and effective deep pore cleanse, followed by exfoliation, and a moisturizing mask.

60 minutes - $115 and up